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What to Do After Getting Rear-Ended


If you ever get rear-ended, you want to make sure you’re reacting to everything properly.

As far as auto accidents go, rear-end collisions are some of the worst. You may be sitting entirely still at an intersection or trying to navigate stop-and-go traffic when suddenly you get rear-ended. The result is your vehicle getting shoved jarringly forward and all of the awful, loud noises that come with that. If the damage is severe enough, airbags may even be deployed. It’s hard not to panic in a situation like this, but the best thing you can do is keep your cool and follow these steps immediately after being rear-ended.

Check For Injuries

First and foremost, make sure everyone on the scene isn’t physically hurt and feels safe. Even when it’s a minor fender bender, someone may still suffer from whiplash or other internal injuries that can come about in the wake of being rear-ended. Check to make sure you feel okay, your passengers feel okay, and that the other party feels okay. If any injuries are immediate, call for medical assistance right away.

Call The Police

No matter how minor the damage may be, you’re going to want to involve the police. This is because they can provide a written accident report which, once you’re dealing with insurance agencies, you’re going to need. This is especially useful when determining at fault for the accident. When the other party is at fault, you want to have that police report to help validate whatever insurance claim you may put in or, if you’re injured, you may need it to substantiate those injury claims. Get a copy of the report if you can.

Document The Scene

Just about all of us carry a cellphone on us, so you’re going to want to take photos or even a video after being rear-ended. You’re also going to want to write out what you remember happening as soon as possible. You don’t want to risk misremembering details later, so it’s usually best to do this when the info is still fresh.

Exchange Info

You’re going to want to try to exchange info in as friendly of a manner as possible. This means their name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and so on. All of this is critical when filing insurance claims.

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