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Why OEM Matters For Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair
Have you heard of the term OEM before? It’s an important concept in many industries, including auto repair.

When you bring your car to an auto body shop for repair, your mechanic will usually have a few options for your car parts. But not all parts are the same. When it comes to auto repair, you will usually have the option of OEM or after-market parts. OEM parts are original parts, created by the manufacturer. Many of these parts will have a warranty for extra peace of mind. After-market parts, on the other hand, are off-brand and have a wide variety of price and fit. These parts may be less expensive but can vary dramatically in quality. Certified auto repair shops tend to work with OEM parts–but why does OEM matter for shops? When it comes to auto repair, safety is key. Here are the reasons OEM matters for auto repair professionals.


For many drivers, the main concern with OEM parts is the cost. In fact, OEM parts are often twice the cost of after-market parts. But the savings aren’t always worth it. Due to variations in size and fit, aftermarket parts can be much poorer quality and may not perform as well. There is a risk of cutting costs on parts by buying after-market, which is why many certified auto repair shops will only recommend and use OEM parts.


When shopping for car parts, you may notice a much wider selection of after-market parts available. This is part of the reason that there is so much variation in quality in after-market parts. There are plenty of third-party manufacturers creating after-market parts, which means that buying an after-market part for your auto repair can be a huge risk. With OEM parts, there may seem to be a more limited selection, but that’s because these parts are made by the manufacturer, so you have the peace of mind of knowing they fit and are high quality.


Lastly, OEM parts come with a warranty. Since they are made by the vehicle manufacturer, there is greater accountability for flaws and defects. Certified auto repair shops choose OEM parts because they can count on the manufacturer to create a high-quality product and account for defects when they occur. This means your car will run safely after the repair, which is the most crucial part of any auto repair. Above all, your car should be safe to be on the road.

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