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Why it’s Important to Get a Bumper Repair For Your Vehicle

Why it's Important to Get a Bumper Repair For Your Vehicle

Most drivers tend to ignore the lesser damage to their car’s bumper and put off repairs for weeks.

Your vehicle’s bumpers take a lot of abuse, from unexpected hazards like parking lot grocery carts, flying chunks of road debris on the highway, or smaller fender benders. As a result, most drivers tend to ignore the lesser damage to their car’s bumper and put off repairs for weeks or even months at a time to save some time and money. But is this the best move in the long run? For one, having a bumper with any cracks, dents, or scratches do not look right after you get your car washed. Plus, there are many other reasons why you should promptly get a bumper repair, even when its minor damage. Here are a few reasons to get a bumper repair.

Potential Resale Value

Cars with any damaged bumpers send serious red flags to prospective buyers, as it could mean that you’re trying to hide more severe damage or even vehicle neglect. Noticeable bumper damage could drop your car’s overall resale condition from one category to another, like from “good” to “fair,” resulting in lost value. If you want to raise your vehicle’s value, consider a bumper repair job to keep it in good shape.


Auto bumpers are meant to absorb the force of an impact sustained during either a front or rear-ended collision while protecting your engine compartment, trunk, and lastly, your occupants. Even smaller damage can wear out the structural integrity of your bumper. These include your bumper’s absorbers and bar, which hold everything together. To protect yourself and anyone else riding along, consider a bumper repair job by professionals from an auto body repair shop.

Insurance Claims

So, let’s say that you’ve decided not to have that minor front bumper damage repaired to save a couple of bucks. Now the absorbers and bumper bar were weakened without your knowledge, and you’ve got into another front-end car accident, resulting in significant damage to the engine compartment. An insurance adjuster could inspect the vehicle and notice the older bumper damage. They might then determine that the older damage structurally compromised the bumper’s condition, allowing the force of the crash to cause even more damage for “unnecessary” repairs. In a worst-case scenario, your insurer has the right to turn down your claim altogether, and you will then be forced to pay for the repair yourself. This is why it’s so important to have your vehicle checked up on consistently, so you can have a bumper repair job done to avoid a situation like this in the first place.  

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