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When Are Your Chances of an Auto Collision the Highest?

When Are Your Chances of an Auto Collision the Highest?

Any time you get behind the steering wheel, you’re putting yourself—and others—at risk.

Driving a vehicle involves quite a bit of responsibility. Any time you get behind the steering wheel, you’re putting yourself—and others—at risk, which is why driving safety is such a serious topic. However, there are certain days and times of the day where that risk becomes even more real. Being familiar with these high-risk periods can help you stay alert when you’re out on the road. In the hopes of helping avoid a future auto collision, we’ve come up with some high-risk driving times that you should be aware of.   



Typically, we tend to see accidents happen more often during the transition from daylight to night time. This is because diminished light, as well as many people hurriedly trying to get home from work, can contribute to the risks of an auto collision. When the sun starts going down, you’re going to want to be extra-careful as less daylight and more frantic drivers pose a real threat out on the road.

Days of the Week

It may come as no surprise, but the most dangerous days of the week to drive are all on the weekend. Saturdays tend to have the most accidents, likely because there are more drivers on the road with leisure in mind (and more drivers who are under the influence, though it should go without saying that this is both illegal and massively unsafe). Drivers are also more likely to drive at night during the weekend, which always adds an additional layer of risk. In any case, you’re going to want to be a bit more careful when cruising around on weekends so you don’t get in an auto collision.


As enjoyable as the holidays are, they’re also some of the most risky driving days. This is partly because more people are on the road in an effort to visit friends or family. Another problem is that more people tend to drink during the holidays and, as we know, alcohol and driving just don’t mix. Memorial Day, Labor Day, the 4th of July, Christmas (and Christmas Eve), New Year’s—these holidays all represent increased driving risk, so be careful while still celebrating. 

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