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What You Should Know About Checking Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid

Concerned about the performance of your vehicle? Your transmission fluid may be to blame.

Do you know what transmission fluid is? Essentially, this is a liquid that acts as a lubricant for the internal system of your vehicle’s transmission. What can happen if you don’t have enough fluid is that you’ll start to experience difficulties with shifting gears and other problems that are going to result in a ride that’s anything but smooth. As a result, most car owners know just how critical it is to keep your vehicle topped up on transmission fluid. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about checking your car’s transmission fluid.

Look for the Dipstick

Once your vehicle begins to develop issues like shifting gears, you need to stop and open up your hood. From there, you can check the dipstick to see what your transmission fluid is at. Your dipstick should be color-coded and may look similar to the one that is used for your oil levels. While the location can vary to some degree, it’s near the front of the engine in most vehicles, so check there first.

Take a Look at Levels

Once you’ve found your dipstick, it’s time to check levels. Put your vehicle in park and ensure the parking brake is on, but leave the engine running for a bit until it’s warm. Then, pull the car’s dipstick out to see how much of the transmission fluid is left. You can then touch the transmission fluid and rub it between two fingers—it’s a good sign of the liquid is mostly clear but has a slight pink or red hue to it.

Some warning signs include particles floating or a burning smell. This is a good indicator that it’s now time to change out your transmission fluid. Use a rag to clean your dipstick off and reinsert it into the fluid. If it’s not at the proper level, make sure you top it off, but never fill it past the overfilling line because that can cause some serious issues.

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