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What You Should Know About Airbags


Familiarize yourself with everything you need to know about your vehicle’s airbags.

When it comes to staying safe in a vehicle, few things are quite as important as our airbags. They’re in our steering wheel, doors, and even the dashboard, having become an essential feature in any modern car. Thankfully, few of us have been in the conditions where an airbag was necessary which can lead to some misconceptions about how they work and what their effects can be. Let’s break down some pieces of knowledge surrounding airbags that everyone should know.

Airbags Can Be Painful

If you’re in a collision significant enough to make your airbags deploy, you’re likely going to be dealing with some pain—whether that’s from broken glass, your seatbelt, or even your airbag. That’s right: an airbag can be painful despite saving lives. Your airbag is meant to keep you from hitting the hardest parts of your car, including the steering wheel, doors, or windows, though the force of hitting airbags can even cause broken bones. As scary as that may sound, this still mitigates much of the injuries that would come without having an airbag whatsoever. 

There May Be Strange Smells

To deploy airbags, small explosives are used to get them where they need to be quickly. Those explosives can leave a slight smoky smell in your vehicle but that isn’t necessarily an indicator that there’s a fire. If your car really is on fire, focus on freeing yourself, but just remember that the smell may happen regardless. If you need to free yourself, remember that the body of your car may have bent which can make it difficult or even impossible to get exits open. Your seatbelt can also get locked into position, making it difficult to release so you can get out. Try to regain your orientation and get out if you suspect the vehicle has actually come to be on fire.

Do An Airbag Check After Crashes

Once you’re in an accident, even if your airbags didn’t deploy, you want to make sure a pro checks them out. This is a matter of your safety. Have your car, airbags, and computerized safety features all checked and scanned by a professional auto collision shop who knows what they’re doing so that you’re safe down the line in case you get into another auto accident.

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