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What to Expect at An Auto Body Shop After a Car Collision

What to Expect at An Auto Body Shop After a Car Collision

Auto body shops are equipped to carry out a range of full repairs.

If you’ve just been in a severe auto collision, then your vehicle more than likely will need body repairs. If you haven’t ever needed repairs before, your first thought might be how to choose an auto body shop correctly. Once you’re there, you’ll probably have some questions on what to expect. Auto body shops are equipped to carry out a range of full repairs, from dent removal to glass repair and complete repair work. Here’s a couple of things to look for when you come into an auto body shop after a car collision.

Total Damage Analysis

Most auto body shops only inspect the visible damage that was done to your vehicle and write up a written estimate based on what they see. At any proper repair shop, like Liberty Collision, the first thing we do is disassemble the damaged areas to look for any underlying damage that otherwise wouldn’t have been detected. Then, all the damage is documented and used to build a repair plan that identities the proper repairs needed. This step helps determine the three most essential factors any auto body shop needs for a job:

  • The repairs required
  • The costs
  • How long to complete

Body Department

The body of your car is essential, and this is usually the first step in repairs. The structural integrity is vital for your safety.

Paint Preparation

The next step after bodywork consists of prepping and repainting the damaged areas of your vehicle. The prep and the undercoat of your car are just as important, if not more than the topcoat color because they determine the longevity and durability of the paint’s final finish. By using high-quality products, we at Liberty Collision take extra care to get these crucial steps right.

Vehicle Assembly

After the painting process, any auto body shop will put everything back together. This is done by taking extra caution to make sure new areas don’t get chipped or scratched. Your vehicle is typically then reinstalled, adjusted, and aligned to match adjacent undamaged parts, and then inspected to ensure everything is up to repair standards.

Final Detail

Lastly, every auto body shop will do a final quality control measure. Most shops use a complete repairs checklist to verify the quality and overall finish of your repairs. Your vehicle is then cleaned off one last time, and a clear coat of paint is applied. Your car is now good to go!

Drop By Liberty Collision Today!

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