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What are the Different Kinds of Windshield Damage?

Windshield Damage
There are a few different major kinds of windshield damage that every car owner should be familiar with.

If you own a car, you know how costly, in both money and time, it can be to keep up with maintenance. Lucky for you, however, we over at Liberty Collision offer a variety of vehicle services so that you can be sure you are driving around in the best version of your car that is possible. One of the biggest concerns for a car owner can be windshield damage. This can happen at any time; you can casually be driving down the road what *clink*, a rock or pebble bounces up and strikes your windshield. What a way to ruin a week! Can it be repaired, or will you have to replace your entire windshield? Keep reading to learn about the different types of windshield damage that you can experience with your vehicle.


You may think that all cracks are alike, but you would be wrong. There are many different kinds of cracks that can occur in your windshield. A stress crack, for examples, can occur without anything even striking your windshield. They can even happen from temperature fluctuations! Edge cracks start within two inches of the edge of the windshield and extend out. They can reach anywhere from two inches to twelve inches. Floater cracks begin in the center of your windshield and can be of different lengths. The longer ones can extend across your entire windshield. Extreme temperatures can worsen these cracks. Crack chips are small cracks that have an impact point from things like rocks or pebbles.


Chips are usually caused by flying rocks or debris. Typically, one or more piece of glass will be missing after your windshield gets hit. They can also be referred to by professionals as “stone breaks” or “pits.” If the chip does not go all the way through the glass, it will typically be able to be simply filled by an experienced technician.


Bulls-eye damages look like just how you would think they would. The shattering pattern looks like a dartboard. They can also just be partial bulls-eye, in that they are not completely symmetrical. These types of damages usually result in having to get your entire windshield replaced.


Stars refer to damages that are small chips with multiple cracks radiating from them. They look sort of like fireworks. Smaller star patterns can usually be repaired, but larger swaths of damages mean that you may have to replace your entire windshield.

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