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The Best Ways to Protect Car Paint During the Winter

The Best Ways to Protect Car Paint During the Winter

The winter season is rough for everyone, but it’s even harder on our cars.

The winter season is rough for everyone, but it’s even harder on our cars. Snow, rain, and ice all present their own set of challenges. Despite this winter being relatively calm so far, the season is usually long and challenging. We can never be too sure that the season of ice, snow, and salt is quite over yet. That said, here is a list of ways for you to protect your car paint during the chilly winter months.

Wash Your Car

One of the best way’s to protect car paint from the corrosive effect of water and salt is to wash it consistently. Be sure to stop by your favorite local car wash after every snowstorm. You want to make sure that your car’s undercarriage is also getting washed well enough as it is one of the hardest-hit areas during the winter. By washing off the salt, you help prevent the buildup or rust.

Park Inside

This is not an option for everyone reading, but if you can avoid parking on the street, you will save your car. Plows and salt trucks will pass by at all hours to keep the roads clear after a snowstorm. You do not want your vehicle to get salt and snow dumped all over it. Parking out on the street also leaves your car vulnerable to damage caused by any other cars driving on the icy roads. To adequately protect car paint, as well your vehicle, its best to park in a garage, or your driveway, if possible.

Cover it Up

If your car is sitting outside for an extended period, protect it from the elements with a cover. A car cover that is specially designed for cold weather will keep excess moisture and ice off a car’s paint. Plus, it will decrease the wear and tear caused by scraping ice and brushing snow off the car paint. Car owners love these kinds of covers because they save time getting the car ready to go in the early morning.


Towards the start of winter, every car detailing and auto body shop puts out an elaborate selection of brushes and ice scrapers. But, the truth is that these rough tools are not good for car paint in the long term. Using scrapers and harder brushes can scratch the car paint and make micro-abrasions onto the surface of the paint. Instead, pick a brush with soft bristles for a specific snow removal tool.

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