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How You Should Be Cleaning Your Headlights

How You Should Be Cleaning Your Headlights

During some driving conditions, like fog or rain, you’re going to need to rely on your headlights.

Keeping your headlights clean is a big part of safe driving. Being able to see what’s ahead of you is important in preventing accidents and stopping yourself from getting into a nasty auto collision, but not everyone is aware of how to clean your headlights. The truth is, it’s not a vehicle maintenance task that’s often talked about. During some driving conditions, like fog or rain, you’re going to need to rely on your headlights. Don’t worry, though. We’ve written up our tips for keeping your headlights clean and staying safe on the road.


Keep it Routine

Cleaning your car is generally something that should be done weekly or at least monthly. During this process, you may as well clean your headlights as well. It’s easy to forget, but your headlights are just as important as every other part of your vehicle. You can always take your car to a car wash as well, but small details like windows, side mirrors, and headlights always benefit from additional scrutiny.

Get Rid of Bugs

The weather is getting colder and you’re not going to need to worry about bugs nearly as much, but in general, this can spell trouble for headlights. Bug splatter on headlights can end up leaving nasty residue. It’s not too difficult to get rid of these unsightly marks, though, as long as you use a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to get everything back in tip-top shape.

The Four Steps

First, prepare: If your vehicle’s manual outlines any specific instructions, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with those first. When doing a deeper clean that may involve sanding and polishing, you want to also use adequate protection. Tape off your headlights to protect the body and trim of your car and remember to wear safety glasses when doing auto body work.

Then, sand: Use the lowest grit sandpaper and make sure you’re getting the entire headlight. If it’s not doing the job, you may need to upgrade to more gritty sandpaper that can help get your headlights clear again.

Polish next: Take a polishing pad, some polishing solution, and get to work. This will remove all of that grit left over by the sandpaper and can maximize the brightness you get out of your headlights.

Seal last: If your headlight cleaning kit has a sealer, you can apply it. This will make your hard work last longer and prevent you from needing to go through this process more regularly than you’d like.

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