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How Exactly Do Seat Belts Keep You Safe in an Auto Accident?

How Exactly Do Seat Belts Keep You Safe in an Auto Accident?

Seat belts are one of the essential safety features within your vehicle.

There is a perfect reason why every state has some seat belt law in effect. Seat belts are one of the essential safety features within your vehicle. Seat belts have been shown to reduce the risk of a severe injury by up to fifty percent for front-seat occupants and around seventy-five for back seat occupants. Seat belts prevent one of the leading causes of death during an accident, which is getting ejected from the vehicle after a violent collision. Here are some of the ways that seat belts keep you safe during an auto accident.

Keeps the Occupants Inside The Vehicle

The most obvious and most important reason, way your seat belt will keep you in your seat in the case of an auto accident. Research has proven that being ejected from a vehicle results in a lot more fatalities and serious injuries when compared to people who remain inside of their car. Those ejected from a vehicle during an auto accident are much more likely to be killed. This is why wearing a seat belt is so important.

Spreads the Force of The Collision Over a Bigger Surface Area

To provide maximum restraint while minimizing injuries, lap-and-shoulder belts spread the force of the crash over a wider area of the body. For drivers and passengers in the front seat, shoulder straps also help keep the header and upper body from slamming into the windshield, steering wheel or dashboard, which is a leading cause of serious injury during an auto accident.

Protects Your Spinal Cord and Brain

Whiplash is a widespread injury that is suffering during auto accidents. When worn the right way, your seat belt can help minimize any damage by reducing the speed and impact of the whiplash.

Restrains the Strongest Part of Your Body

3-point seatbelts are designed in a particular way to help restrain your body at its points of greatest strength. For adults and some older children, this would be around your hips and shoulders.

Child Seats

Younger children aren’t built the same as older children and adults and will have different requirements for their seat belt safety. It all depends on their weight, height, and age. Check with your state laws or auto body shop to determine the restrictions they might need based on that criteria.

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