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How Can You Protect Your Car’s Paint Job?

Paint Job

Protecting your car’s paint job is an important part of car ownership. Follow these tips to maintain that wonderful shine.

If you are a car owner, you probably are going to want to keep up with maintenance as efficiently as possible. There are tons of services that can lengthen the life of your vehicle, but there are also small easy steps you can take to protect your car. Arguably, a car’s paint job is the most important aesthetic aspect of any vehicle, so it is extremely important that it is kept looking shiny and new. Keep reading for tips and tricks you can use to maintain your car’s exterior!

Wax Your Car

One part of cleaning a car that is often overlooked is waxing. If you clean your car yourself, or if you prefer to go to a car wash, waxing afterward is paramount. Regularly waxing your car is an amazing way to keep your paint job safe from damage. Wax creates a physical barrier between the paint and the external environment to shield against sun damage and harsh weather conditions. Wax your car at least every three months; you can opt to wax it yourself or pay for a professional to do so. If you want to pay for a professional service, make sure you splurge for a hand wax job. Automated waxes are usually splotchy, inefficient, and not thorough enough. At a car wash, a basic hand wax job typically costs between 40 and 60 dollars.

Bird Droppings

An especially irritating part of owning a car is dealing with bird droppings. They can really ruin your day, especially if you just recently got your car washed and waxed. If you notice any bird droppings on your car, remove them immediately as they are much more easily removed when they are fresh. They can damage your car’s paint, even if it is a clear-coat paint finish. There are wipes you can buy specially made to remove bird droppings without scratching your paint. You can also remove droppings with club soda and a clean, fresh cloth.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is another damaging material that can cause harm to your vehicle’s paint job. If not removed soon, it can bake into the paint and leave ugly stains. Hot weather can make this potential damage even worse. The longer the tree sap sits on your car, the harder it will be to remove. Invest in professional products to remove tree sap or opt to use hot water and soap.

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