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Everything to Know About Your Check Engine Light

Engine Light

What’s the deal with that check engine light that just won’t go away? Here are some potential causes.

One common issue that frustrates many drivers is the check engine light. When this light goes off, it indicates an issue with your car, but with no other information about the problem. Without an understanding of how serious the check engine light is, some drivers will make the mistake of not bringing their car to a mechanic for a diagnostic scan. These days, mechanics can plug a machine into your car for a simple answer to the reason behind your check engine light going off. It’s a good idea to know some of the most common causes for your check engine light turning on in order to drive responsibly and keep your car well-maintained. Here are some of the most common causes to know when it comes to your check engine light.

Loose Gas Cap

One simple reason that your check engine light may go off is a loose gas cap. If your gas cap isn’t closed tightly enough, it can cause fuel vapors to leak from your car. If your check engine light comes on after you fuel up, try pulling over and tightening the gas cap.

Broken Catalytic Converter

Your check engine light can also be triggered by a broken catalytic converter.This part converts harmful gases into harmless compounds, and it should only be replaced by a professional. An indicator that your catalytic converter is the issue is if your car won’t accelerate when you depress the gas pedal.

Airflow Sensor Issues

Your car’s mass airflow sensor tells your car when to add more fuel to the fuel-air mixture. Issues with this sensor can cause your car’s gas mileage to worsen and even lead your car to stall. You may need to change your air filter more often if a faulty airflow sensor causes your check engine light to turn on.

Misfiring Spark Plugs

The check engine light may also turn on if your spark plugs need to be replaced. Misfiring spark plugs can cause your car to jolt during acceleration. Luckily, this is a quick and often inexpensive repair. Just make sure to replace your spark plugs as soon as possible!

Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

Malfunctioning oxygen sensors are a very common cause for the check engine light turning on. Over time, your sensor may become covered with oil ash and read less reliably, reducing your fuel economy. If this issue goes unchecked, it can cause more expensive issues with your catalytic converter, so be sure to bring your car into a trusted mechanic when you see your check engine light.

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