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Can a Minor Fender Bender Conceal Serious Issues?

Can a Minor Fender Bender Conceal Serious Issues?

Even minor fender benders can cause severe underlying problems to your car.

Your car was just recently involved in a minor fender bender, which dented your bumper and scuffed up some paint. Because the accident wasn’t serious, you’ve decided to skip out on taking it to an auto body shop. But is that smart? Even minor fender benders can cause severe underlying problems to your car that might not show up until later. Repairs can be costly if you don’t attend to them quickly too. Whenever your vehicle takes body damage that’s more than scratches, it smart to have it inspected at a local auto body repair shop, and here’s why.


Possible Electrical System Failure

Your car’s electrical wiring is very delicate, and even a small jolt could have loosened wires. Those won’t be that noticeable at first but could cause a short. Shorts can lead to door locks and power windows to malfunction, as well as your vehicle’s antitheft system. In the case of a front-end fender bender, a battery connector could get knocked out, meaning that the battery might not recharge properly, or the electrical components on your car might start acting up. A body shop technician could inspect your wiring after removing the damaged body panel.

The Alignment Might Be Off

This happens much more frequently in front-end fender benders, as they typically will cause misaligned tires. As a result, your car could start pulling to one side or the other side, or the ride will seem uncomfortable and tight. This can lead to uneven tire tread wear and vehicle handling issues. Replacing a set of tires is an expensive task. After you have a fender bender of any type, your alignment should be professionally checked.

Your Car’s Frame Might Be Bent

If your car is involved in even a slow speed accident, the frame could’ve sustained damage. Although unnoticeable by you, a slightly bent frame could cause your vehicle’s structural integrity to be compromised. When this happens, it can adversely change how effectively your airbag deploys during an accident. Also, your car’s ability to absorb an impact, especially a serious one, is jeopardized. Collision repair shops have the proper equipment to measure how straight your car’s frame is, and whether or not it matches OEM factory specifications.

If you feel as if your car is not in the shape that you think it should be after a fender bender, come into Liberty Collision for assistance!

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