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6 Car Care Tips for the End of Summer

Car Care
Make sure you’re taking these car care tips to hear this summer and performing all the right maintenance.

During the summer, most of us put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. This includes driving more often, taking longer trips (like to the beach or the mountains), and running the AC while we drive. The heat of summer and the often dusty conditions also add to the overwork we inflict on our cars in summer. So, as summer draws to an end, now is a great time to handle some important car care tasks and give your vehicle the TLC it is due.

Tires & Brakes

These are two of the most important systems to check regularly. The brake system should be checked at least once a year, including the linings, drums, rotors, and pads. The end of the summer is the perfect time to do this, since winter weather often means hitting the brakes. This is also the ideal time to rotate and check the tires. If the tread has gotten too low, it’s time to replace them.


Fall and winter means rain and eventually snow. This means that your wipers have to be ready for a lot of work. The end of the summer is a great time to change your wiper blades for fresh ones so that you can maintain a clean windshield and good visibility all winter long.


Fall and winter will also mean shorter days and a greater likelihood that you will be driving in the dark. Maryland law requires that your headlights be on if your wipers are, so the rainy autumn season may also make you turn your lights on more. Take the time now to make sure that your lights all work, including your headlights, fog lights, brake lights, and reverse lights.


The end of summer is also a good time to change or replace any vehicle fluid. This includes oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and others. All of these are vital for the safe and efficient operation of your car.


Check the battery now so that you don’t walk out into the cold one night to a car that won’t start. Batteries that have been drained by use and the summer heat have a hard time overcoming the cold of winter to start up. Now might be the right time to replace yours, especially if there are signs of rust.

Steering & Suspension

Finally, you should have the steering and suspension systems checked by a certified mechanic. They should check out all parts, including the chassis, shocks and struts. Once fall and winter are here, the likelihood of road hazards, from nervous deer to falling branches increases. The wet and cold also combine for very slippery conditions. It’s important to know that your steering and suspension system will be up to the task.

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