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5 Ways Seat Belts Keep You Safe in an Auto Accident

Auto Accident

Wearing a seat belt can save a life in the event that an auto accident occurs.

Seat belts are an essential part of auto safety. Whether you’re driving or just a passenger, getting into an auto accident can spell serious bodily injury for anyone involved and a seat belt is a critical part in mitigating that possibility. While there’s no way to keep yourself totally safe, you can certainly make the impact less serious. Even if the law doesn’t mandate wearing seat belts, as some localities don’t require occupants in the back seat to wear them, everyone in your vehicle should still ideally be buckled for maximum safety. Let’s take a look at five ways seat belts can protect you and other vehicle occupants during an auto accident.

1. Stay Within the Vehicle

Being ejected outside of your vehicle is one of the more dangerous elements of auto collisions. Some research has shown that people ejected from their vehicle are four times as likely to be killed than those that weren’t ejected. Seat belts can help keep you within your vehicle, which was designed for optimal safety in the first place.

2. Slow Down the Body

One cause of injuries during car crashes is the change in speed that your body is going. At high speeds, your body is also going that speed, and suddenly stopping means it jolts your body pretty quickly. Seat belts give an extra buffer to help lengthen the time it takes for your body to slow down during an auto accident.

3. Protecting Vitals

Two areas that are extra vulnerable during auto accidents: your brain and your spinal card. This is because injuries often occur as a result of whiplash that can occur thanks to the sudden stopping mentioned above. If a seat belt is properly secured, you can reduce your risk of injury because it reduces the speed and impact of the accident.

4. Restraining the Strongest Body Parts

Newer seat belts are designed with the human anatomy in mind. For adults, that means securing your hips and shoulders—the strongest parts of your body that are most effectively held in place with a belt.  

5. Spreads the Force Out

Lap and shoulder belts spread the force of a crash out, making that force apply to your whole body and not just one specific part. This helps prevent serious injury.

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