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5 Reasons You Should Never Drive on Worn Out Tires

5 Reasons You Should Never Drive on Worn Out Tires

No matter what the road conditions may be, damaged tires present an obvious problem.

It’s not surprising that driving on worn tires is dangerous. No matter what the road conditions may be, damaged tires present an obvious problem and will lead you into an auto accident sooner rather than later. Tire treads are critical in maintaining the proper traction needed to keep your vehicle on the road and deal with rain or snow, so once a tire goes bald, you’re going to run the risk of not being able to properly control your vehicle. Today, we’re going to break down five risks you run when you choose to drive with worn out tires.


1. Heat Buildup

When you drive, you’re creating friction between your tire and the road. If you create too much heat, you may blow your tire out and cause an accident. Treads help cool tires down by allowing air to flow through the small grooves and, since bald tires don’t have those grooves, you run the risk of heat building up too much.

2. Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is always a risk and happens when there’s a layer of water between a tire and the road. A well-designed tire is going to have the proper grooves that can channel some of that water away from the tire and prevent hydroplaning, but if you don’t have enough treads, you may increase your chances of hydroplaning and putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

3. Difficulty in Weather

Most tires aren’t outfitted for snow specifically and, if you live in an area that gets bad snow, you may want to consider installing winter tires anyway. Regardless, though, even a standard tire with good treads is going to do some good in snow compared to one that’s worn down. Bald tires in snow or rain can end up causing serious accidents.

4. Air Pressure Loss

Losing air pressure makes tires much more dangerous to drive on. Maintaining proper air pressure is a maintenance task that must be dealt with any tire, but for bald tires, you’re going to have to refill their air even more. The combination of under-inflation and worn treads can be a real danger.

5. Blowouts

At any speed, you’re going to want to avoid a blowout. At high speeds, however, blowouts are often fatal. While treads aren’t going to help you prevent all punctures from nails or other sharp objects, they can help add a layer of resistance and help alleviate some of those problems that can cause a blowout.

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