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5 Reasons for Auto Accidents

5 Reasons for Auto Accidents

Despite constant improvements in vehicle safety, accidents still account for a large number of accidental injuries.

Nobody ever wants to be in an auto accident. However, despite constant improvements in vehicle safety, accidents still account for a large number of accidental injuries and deaths in the United States every year. Even if an auto accident is relatively small from an injury perspective, the cost of repairing a damaged car can be huge. Your auto insurance will typically cover all or some of the price, but your rate might go up as a result. Here are five causes of auto accidents, so you know how to avoid them in the future!

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is rapidly becoming one of the most typical causes of auto accidents, especially for younger and more inexperienced drivers. Fiddling with cell phones, makeup, eating, and reading are all common ways that drivers can get distracted. Distracted drivers are hazardous since their focus is on whatever else they are doing instead of the road.

Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, alcohol is still one of the biggest leading causes of car accidents. It’s no secret that alcohol impairs your judgment and reaction times, which makes accidents a lot more likely for someone intoxicated who is drunk rather than someone sober.

Forceful Driving

Tailgating, speeding, switching lanes without signaling, and other similar behaviors behind the wheel are unsafe for both the person doing it and the people around. Being an aggressive driver instead of being a defensive driver puts you at a much higher risk for getting in or causing an auto accident.

Road Rage

Road rage and forceful driving are very carefully related causes of car accidents. Drivers who get ticked off very quickly then take it out on another driver are one of the leading causes of auto accidents. Its typically caused by someone cutting you off or pulling out in front of you, and most of the time, it is likely unintentionally. Tailgating and speeding are usually involved.

Bad Maintenance

While not near as often as the other causes of auto accidents mentioned above, failing to maintain your car can make it very unsafe to drive and susceptible to mechanical failure. Car parts, such as brake lines, tires, fenders, and engines can fail all at inopportune times while you’re driving, which can cause auto accidents. Make sure to check in with an auto body shop, like Liberty Collision, to ensure this does not happen to you in the future!

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