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5 Driving Tips to Prevent Deer-Related Auto Collisions

5 Driving Tips to Prevent Deer-Related Auto Collisions

Auto collisions involving deer are a nightmare for many drivers

Auto collisions involving deer are a nightmare for many drivers, but they’re also the cause of injuries, outlandish car repair costs, and even deaths. The statistics vary depending on geographic location, but it’s always important to be aware just in case you find yourself in an area with a large deer population. Keeping yourself safe and preventing any damage to your vehicle is always the highest priority while driving, so make sure you follow these five driving tips to prevent or mitigate any auto collisions that may involve deer.


1. Know That Deer Are Pack Animals

Much like humans, deer are pretty social creatures. In fact, they’re pack animals, so if you see one, there’s a good chance that others are nearby. Keep your head on a swivel after a deer crosses the road because it may not be the only one.

2. Be Aware During the Right Times of Day

The vast majority of deer-related auto collisions happen in between dusk and dawn. This typically occurs when they are on the move, searching for new places to eat and sleep. If you’re driving during these times, especially within wooded areas, you’re going to want to pay extra attention and slow down a bit.

3. Don’t Swerve

Deer-related auto collisions often come as a result of a driver swerving to avoid the deer and then hitting another vehicle in oncoming traffic or by getting rear-ended. You may have heard the rumor that you should actually speed up and brace for impact, but this is dangerous in most vehicles. In reality, you’re going to want to slow down as much as you reasonably can and keep going straight to minimize damage to your vehicle, yourself, and other drivers around you.

4. Look for Signage

Posted deer crossing signage is an excellent way to gauge what the situation may be. Some areas are just known for having dense deer populations. If so, they’re often marked with the proper signs, so be on the lookout for those.

5. Try Honking

It’s unclear whether or not how helpful this is, but it’s certainly worth a try and won’t hurt anything: honk your horn! Prolonged horn honking may scare deer off and help you get on your way quicker without any collision happening.

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