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5 Driving Safety Tips for Spring

Driving Safety

Take these seasonal driving safety tips to heart while you’re out on the road.

We’re right in the lovely spring months now, meaning the temperature is just right and spring showers are popping up every once in a while. Every season poses its own unique challenges for drivers, especially those transitional times like we’re experiencing now. As we head further into spring and get closer to summer, it’s important that we consider just how those seasonal changes impact our driving and the road conditions as well. Below, we take a look at five driving safety tips that apply to spring and even summer, so read on and make sure you keep yourself from getting in an accident.

1. Watch for Pedestrians

Of course, it’s always important to watch out for pedestrians when you’re driving. Now that the weather is warmer, expect to see more outside and remember to pay close attention when you’re near crosswalks. Express some extra care now that more people are likely going to be outside.

2. Be Wary of Spring Showers

Roads become extra-slippery within the first few minutes of a rainstorm, so if it begins raining while you’re driving, express caution. Water mixes with any contaminants on the road like oil or grease and can pose a serious driving risk if you aren’t careful. Remember: driving safety indicates that you want to increase your following distance during rain so that you can properly brake behind fellow drivers without plowing into their rear end.

3. Look Out for Animals

Pedestrians aren’t the only ones that are more present during the spring and summer. With the nicer weather in full force, many animals may be more active than they were just a few weeks ago. Watch out for any animals on the road, especially deer, which are more active at dawn and dusk when you may be paying less attention than usual.

4. Maintain Tire Pressure

Those winter months may have caused your tires to lose air pressure. If you’re noticing that your tires feel different or that your car isn’t getting the same performance, remember that tire pressure is a huge part of driving safety! Get your tires fixed as soon as you can.

5. Caring About Construction

Now that the weather is warmer, we’re going to see far more construction crews out and about and doing their thing. Be attentive when you enter a construction zone and follow any posted signs so that you don’t end up in any kind of trouble.

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