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4 Tips for Preventing Damage to Your Vehicle

Vehicle Damage
Collision damage to your vehicle is something that needs to be taken care of immediately, but there are other kinds of vehicle damage that can be prevented right off the bat.

When most of us think about damage to our vehicles, we think about accidents. And while there are some things you can do to drive defensively and stay alert, and there are technologies that can help, there is no way to prevent every single accident. You can, however, prevent most other, non-collision related damage.

Park Away from Other Cars

Parking away from other cars, further away from your destination, is a good trick to avoid the minor dents and scraps that come from other doors in the parking lot. Many car owners are cognizant of their car doors when opening them, but a strong wind could still mean an accidental scratch on your door.  Another parking lot risk is rogue shopping carts. Try parking away from the cart corrals, and make sure you’re not directly down slope from one either.

Hide Valuables

Keep valuables out of sight when you leave your car so that thieves aren’t tempted to break in for them. While this won’t prevent all break-ins, thieves are more likely to try when they can see something they definitely want. Use your console, glove box, or trunk to hide things out of sight.

Cover It

If you have a garage or a covered parking spot, use it for your car to protect the paint and finish from damage. Keeping that vehicle sheltered from the elements can protect it in all weather. Sun can fade paint, and we often get hail along with our seasonal weather. Storing your car off the street can also help prevent other damage like scratches from people walking by or playing.

Avoid Flood Zones

When there is a flood watch in effect, avoid parking your car in flood zones. When cars sustain flood damage, the long term effects can include mold and mildew in addition to any direct water damage. Similarly, if there is rain in the forecast, make sure that you roll up the windows and close the sun roof before leaving the car.

Clean It Regularly

When dirt, salt spray, and other grim from the roads sits on the paint of your car, they can damage it by causing small scratches and discoloration. You should wash your car often, especially after road trips.

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