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4 Signs That Your Brakes May Be Worn Out


Struggling with your vehicle’s brakes? Look out for these indicators that your brakes may be wearing out.

Changing out your brake pads may be an essential part of maintaining your vehicle. If you let your brakes slowly wear out, it can end up leading to some very risky road scenarios including auto collisions. However, not everyone knows what to look for when it comes to the condition of your brakes. Being in tune with the warning signs your car may give off is essential to safety. Below are four signs that your brakes may be worn out.

1. Worse Performance

Your brake pads are going to work best when they’re brand new and over time, they begin to wear down and become less effective. As a result, you may start noticing that you need to hit your pedal harder than normal just to make it stop. This is a good indicator that your brake pads may need to be looked at, although there are other factors that could reduce your braking ability.

2. Screeching Noises

When your brakes begin to wear down, the metal that makes up the braking assembly may start to come in contact with the metal of the brake rotor. This results in an awful screeching sound when you press down on your brakes that is a result of this contact. While it may initially be a shock, this noise is actually by design and is intended to remind you that your pads ought to be replaced.

3. Grinding Noises

A much different noise from the screeching you may hear, grinding noises can be a very serious indicator that your pads are completely used up. Grinding noises when applying brakes is an indicator that there’s serious damage going on and that your braking assembly is scraping up against the rotors, which can cause very serious damage. Repairs at this point become more expensive, so it’s good to try to avoid it getting to this point.

4. Low Brake Fluid

A soft brake pedal may be an indicator that your brake fluid is low or even leaking. The master cylinder is what supplies your brake pedal with power but it also contains a reservoir filled with brake fluid that is used to create hydraulic pressure and allows your pedal to work.

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