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3 Reasons Why Your Windshield Chip Repair Didn’t Work

3 Reasons Why Your Windshield Chip Repair Didn't Work

Someway and somehow, your windshield will get cracked or chipped.

Someway and somehow, your windshield developed a crack or chip. And because you are a responsible vehicle owner, you took it in to have it looked at and repaired. One more task that’s now checked off your to-do list, right? That is until you get your vehicle back, and it didn’t look any better than when you took it in. What exactly happened? Was it you? Did you do something the wrong way? Maybe, but it’s likely not your fault. Here are a few of reasons why your windshield chip repair didn’t work, and how to fix it the right way.

Bad Weather Conditions

If you’ve had a mobile technician perform your rock or crack chip repair, weather conditions might be the reason behind its failure. Why may you ask? As part of the auto glass repair process, a technician injects a certain kind of resin into the crack or chip. Once the tech applies pressure through a vacuum, this resin then spreads to fill in the damaged spot, stopping the chip or crack from growing any more. The success of the entire process all depends on the resin’s ability to cure the surrounding glass. If the dent repair occurred during bad weather, like rain, snow, or fog, the moisture in the air might have prevented the resin from curing.

Dirty Glass

The number one step in any windshield repair is cleaning off the glass. If your technician didn’t clean the window thoroughly, smaller particles of dust, dirt, and other debris might’ve been left within the damaged area. The success of the dent repair is all dependent on the resin, so when there is debris present in the chip, it can prevent the resin from curing the right way, and again, leading to a chip repair fail.  

The Damage Was Too Intricate

In some instances, a simple auto glass repair might not suffice. If the chip or crack has various cracks extending away from the center, or if it looks more like a bullseye-kind of pattern, the result will be a bit more complicated, and in some cases, might not succeed. An experienced and honest expert – like those at Liberty Collision – will take the time to talk with you about the possible disadvantages of attempting to repair complex glass damage. An expert will also answer any questions you have about chip repair on your vehicle.  

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